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We use cookies to provide you personalised service and relevant services and offers.


A cookie is a piece of information stored on your device by the server of the website that you visit. It contains several pieces of data: the name of the server that has stored it, an identifier in the form of unique number, possibly an expiry date, etc.

This information is sometimes stored on your computer in a simple text file which a server can access to read and store informatsion.


On this website, we are using cookies to mesure our audience, to maintain a relationship with you and to address from time to time other qualitative content as well as personalised advertising. For the website to adapt to your expectations, you can select here the ones you allow.

We have three categories of cookies:

Cookies that are strickly necessary for the proper fonctionning of the website

The trackers included in this category are:

CookieBasic, cookieAnalytics, cookieMarketing:  memorizes the consent of the visitor in general, for analytical and marketing tools.
Cookie_navigation_filter, cookie_save_place_navigation_redirect: memorizes search filters and facilitates the users’ navigation.

Cookie recovered_cart, bbi:  memorizes the users’ basket.
Threeds2:  memorizes the necessary information to the DSP2.
Cookie_cmpid :  memorizes the different sources of entries on the website. 
WShop_tmA, wShop_tmB:  enables to distinguish unique visitors by mesmorizing the dates of the first and the last visit as well as the regular visits on our website.
Site_choice: memorizes the chosen version of the website (language and money currency).
WShop_conveyor: memorizes the carrier selected for delivery.
PSPSESSID: memorizes the log-in of the user.
WShopçOverlayExit, wShopOverlayExit_visited:  memorizes the number of pages visited and the lightbox display.

Configurator:  memorizes the product configuration in the accessory configuration tool.

Hash_product, num_product_display : memorizes the number of products that needs to be displayed and the positioning of the product.

Cookies that enables to establish the performances and visits statistics (analytics)

The trackers included in this category are:

Google Analytics: Google Analytics collects priority cookies as well as data linked to the IP address, to electronic devices/ browser and the activities done on the website or on the app. The objective is to mesure the interactions between the user and the website and/or the apps that are using Google Analytics, and to generate some report on those statistics. More details here.

ABTasty: implementation of experiments on the website in order to improve the users’ experience and the commercial performances. More details here.

Booxi:  Booxi is the software that we are using for appointments in stores and for click-and-collect. The Booxi tag uses cookies and data storage to enable the proper fonctionning of the service. More details here.

Marketing cookies: social media and advertising

These trackers are used to show personalised advertising depending on your browser and profile. The personalisation of the ad can display different operation techniques such as :
  • A selection of ads depending on the profile
  • Limit ad repetition
  • Measure targeted users that are the most interested in ads in order to better understand the larger audience.

The trackers included in this category are:

Google Ads :  mesure the efficacy and improve the relevancy of our ads and our targeted ads on our Google browser and its partnership. More details here.

Bing :  measure the efficacy and improve the relevancy of our ads and targeted ads on Bing. More details here.

META : measure the efficacy and improve the relevancy of our ads and targeted ads on META. More details here.

Pinterest :  measure the efficacy and improve the relevancy of our ads and targeted ads on Pinterest. More details here.

TikTok :  measure the efficacy and improve the relevancy of our ads and targeted ads on TikTok. More details here.

Snapchat : measure the efficacy and improve the relevancy of our ads and targeted ads on Pinterest. More details here.

Rakuten :  measure the performance of ads done from third party websites to More details here.


You can at any time choose to configure your computer to accept or refuse cookies.
However, you should be aware that this may affect your browsing comfort and prevent you from accessing certain services.

You can:
  • Systematically store all the cookies issued on the website visited; in principle, this is the default setting on your computer.
  • Either configure your browser software so that it allows you to accept or, on the contrary, to refuse the various cookies that may be offered to you regularly.
    The agreement thus given is valid for a maximum period of 13 months from the first deposit in the terminal equipment You can modify your choice of cookies at any time via the cookie manager accessible here : Configure my cookies
  • Or, systematically refuse all cookies issued on the website visited

    If you refuse cookies issued by our company or delete cookies already stored by our company, you may not be able to benefit from certain content and services on our site (including cookies that enable the creation of an online account or the use of certain features of the website).

    Where relevant, due to the impossibility for our services to store or consult the cookies that you have decided to delete or refuse, we disclaim any responsibility for the consequences related to the defective operation of our services.
  • Or, configure your browsing software in such a way that it allows you to accept or refuse the different cookies that may be regularly proposed to you.

    Depending on what you want and depending on the browser that you use, go to the page provided for this purpose in order to set up your computer, i.e.:
    For Google Chrome:
    For Safari:
    For Mozilla Firefox:
    For Edge:
    For Opera:
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We are using cookies and other types of trackers to create visits statistics and website browsing. Cookies are also used for ads personalisation and for website content. They allow us to propose the best customer experience and relationship possible.

By clicking on Accept, you consent to the use of these cookies and trackers. You can, at any moment, modify your preferences.

For more information, please click on the following page : cookies policy.
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  • Functional Cookies

    • Cookies are essential in order to enhance your browsing experience, they allow you to use the main features of the website such as managing your shopping cart or maintaining your identification throughout your browsing experience.
    • Without these cookies, the website cannot function which means they cannot be deactivated.
    • Please be assured that these cookies do not store any personal data.
  • Marketing and other cookies

    • Cookies allow us to record information about browsing through our website in order to offer you personalized offers. They also improve the functionality and personalization of our website, such as the use of videos.
  • Google Analytics cookies

    • Cookies allow us to collect information on the use and performance of our website in order to improve its operation, attractiveness and content.
    • The information collected by these cookies is aggregated, and is therefore anonymous.
  • We collect cookies to help us improve our customer service and to analyse our website traffic and performance.